About Space Station Embassy

Space Station Embassy documents a fictional promenade for national embassies on a massive future space station.

In 1976, Gerard K. O'Neill proposed a vision for humans to live off world following the Apollo program in his book The High Frontier.  O'Neill envisioned large cylindrical space stations be placed at stationary points in space, where they could host hundreds of thousands of people in self-contained, Earth-like environments.  

The photographs here were shot at the Global Expo 2015 in Milan.  The Expo is a modern day World's Fair, showcasing new ideas and design from countries around the world.  The designs from each country pavilion are futuristic and put into the context of cyanotype, can help us imagine what a future embassy in space might look like.  

The idea of a national embassy in space is a jumping off point for the viewer.  How do we carry forth national values or cultures to the next frontier?  Does that run counter to romantic ideals placed on spaceflight and the next era of human progress?  Or does it enhance the prospect of space exploration by adding realism?

Each print from the series is a unique edition and measures 9x12 inches.  

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