Photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA

Dan Hendrickson is a fine arts photographer who shoots subjects of an other worldly nature.  Each print seen here is developed by hand using the alternative photography process known as cyanotype.  After coating blank watercolor paper with iron-based chemistry, the paper is overlaid with a full size photographic negative and then exposed to UV light for more than an hour.  Following exposure, the print is developed and fixed using a combination of hydrogen peroxide and water.


Commissioned Work

Mojave Air and Spaceport Photo Essay
Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine
June 2017

Prior Work

Spaceport Series
Lui Magazine 
The Verge 
Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine 

Photography Editor
Wander Louisville (travel guidebook)
Published June 2015 by Holland Brown Books

Exhibition Appearances

Three Rivers Arts Festival Juried Exhibition
Work showcased: "Space Artifact 1"
Pittsburgh, PA
June 2017

Abstractions Exhibition 
Cultural Center of Cape Cod
Work showcased: "Supernova 1"
South Yarmouth, MA
April 2017

Dreams and Hallucinations Exhibition
Work showcased: "The Afternoon Prophet" 
Darkroom Gallery
Burlington, VT
December 2014 

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